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<10-4 mPa (25 °C) 

111.3 g/l (pH 6, 20 ºC)

Hydrolysis under extreme acid/alkaline

Melting Point:

Vapor Pressure:

Solubility (in Water):


215 °C

Mainland China

Product Origin



Fosetyl Al is a systemic fungicide (a class of phosphite salt) that is rapidly absorbed by plant leaves and roots, and acts by inhibiting the germination of fungal spores. It exhibits bidirectional translocation. It is active against fungi of the class Oomycetes, mainly controlling various diseases caused by pathogens belonging to the genera Peronospora, Phytophthora, and Pythium in different crops. It particularly provides excellent control against Peronospora pathogens but shows poor efficacy against Colletotrichum. The molecule structure of this pesticide is designed in such a way that, upon decomposition, it releases ethanol, phosphonic acid, and phosphoric acid, all of which have antimicrobial effects and low toxicity.

Alternative Name:


Molecular Weight:


Aluminium phosethyl


White crystalline solid or powder

354.1 g/mol

95%TC, 96%TC, 80%WDG

Molecular Formula:

Application/Usage: It is specifically used for the protection and treatment of diseases such as downy mildew and blight in vegetables, flowers, and cotton. It is also commonly applied for the treatment of tobacco black shank; application methods primarily include spraying, root irrigation, seed soaking, or seed coating. The recommended dosage is 405 grams per mu for spraying or 1 gram per plant for root irrigation. For Fosetyl-Al WP 80%, wetting time required is 100 secs or less, with a recommended dosage of 117.5-235 grams per mu (wettable powder spraying). It is resistant to rainwater wash-off and has a long-lasting effectiveness, typically lasting 21-30 days. Depending on the disease severity, it is recommended to apply the pesticide approximately every 7 days, with 2-3 consecutive applications.


aluminium tris(ethyl phosphonate)


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