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Hexythiazox is a low-toxicity acaricide of the thiadiazine ketone class. It offers broad-spectrum mite control, specifically targeting egg and immature stages of mites such as leaf and spider mites. It has little efficacy against adult mites. Its effectiveness remains consistent in high or low temperatures and has no cross-resistance with organophosphate insecticides such as diazinon. It can be mixed with alkaline pesticides like the Bordeaux mixture. It has a long-lasting residual effect, maintaining efficacy for approximately 50 days. It shows low toxicity to humans, livestock, and crops.

Alternative Name:

Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:


Nissorun; Acariflor

TC: white odorless powder 

352.88 g/mol

95%TC, 5%EC, 10%WP

2.54 x 10-8 mmHg (25 ºC)

Low, 0.5 or 1.2 ug/L

Hydrolytically stable at pH 5 to 9

Mainland China


Vapor Pressure:

Solubility (Water):

Stability- Liq. Soln.:

Product Origin



Melting Point:



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Application/Usage: Hexythiazox targets and controls eggs and larvae of various phytophagous mites, acting as a mite growth regulator. This thiazolidine-based acaricide offers long-lasting effects against a wide range of mite species and can be applied at any stage of plant growth. Mode of action is contact and stomach-based, thereby offering non-systemic control. Time of application should be at the beginning of hatching of winter eggs. The 5%EC should be mixed with water and stir the solution as required. When the population density of insect pests is high, the solution should be mixed with quick-acting agents.

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